Implementing BI: outsourcing or in-house

May 19, 2:00pm | GMT+3
Duration: 20 min
Track: Business
Rihards Garancs

Rihards Garancs

Data Lab, Latvia

How easy is it to implement BI? What will it take? Do I have the necessary resources? Make sure you are asking the right questions and map a clear structure when deciding to outsource or do BI in-house.

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About speaker

Rihards is the Director of Artificial Intelligence & Data Analysis Course at SSE Riga and he runs a consulting company that develops Business Intelligence solutions. His area of expertise includes database development, data visualization, data and financial reporting automation, efficiency improvement. His focus is to help companies advance in business analytics using the latest digital tools. Rihards has worked for the clients in the Food & Beverage, Fintech, Telecommunications & Digital, Media and Manufacturing industry. He complements his knowledge by attaining a double degree MBA in HEC Paris and National University of Singapore and Data Science certification in Paris.