Getting to know sales reporting: pipeline analysis

May 20, 2:00pm | GMT+3
Duration: 20 min
Track: Report creators
Aldis Erglis

Aldis Erglis

Lead of Riga Power BI Meetup Group, Latvia

Deep-dive into one of the most essential sales reporting areas. Get better understanding of the business needs behind the pipeline data, understand KPIs and data challenges, that comes with the territory.

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About speaker

ML Lab lead at Emergn, Riga Power BI user group founder and lead. He started his carrier as a solution architect for e-commerce and enterprise systems and now has spent more than 20 years in the IT industry. Aldis began his BI journey by exploring what can be done in Excel using Low-Code capabilities. This path led him to advanced data analysis, data mining, Machine Learning, AI, and finally Low-Code apps. Now Aldis believe that the most important thing for a business is knowledge and insight extraction from unstructured data. Knowledge sharing is in his DNA. He has been running local data analysis community events for more than 4 years, with 100+ events done.